Here's what I'm up to right now (updated 2022-03-13): – It's bracket club season again. I didn't do much to the site this year except get it up and running but hopefully I can get some new ideas and tech into it for next year.

@npmcli/template-oss – This is a templating project I worked on with my team to try and bring some order to our 80-ish open source repos we manage. It's been a lot of fun solving this problem and see the fruits of that labor.

Instagram – I made a public Instagram to share outdoor stuff that I like doing. So far it's mostly biking but I'm sure it will change with the (life) seasons. – A photo blog thing I forked from @maxvoltar. It's been a lot of fun to edit photos with VSCO on my phone and commit them with Working Copy and it deploys with Netlify. I like that I can do the whole thing from my phone.