Here's what I'm up to right now (updated 2021-01-29):

Bike maintenance – I'm attempting to completely take apart a fixed gear bicycle, get it powder coated, and rebuild it with a mix of new and old parts. I'm documenting it on Instagram stories and it's a slow process, but I'm learning.

My Wicked Coolkit – I spent the last couples months creting the Wicked Coolkit with some friends at &yet and Heroku/Salesforce. I'm really happy with how it turned out! You can make your own too! – My previous personal site had a picture of me from my wedding day which is almost 3 kids ago. I decided to update it with the color scheme I was using for my resume. I tried to keep it simple and do fun/silly stuff while keeping it accessible with prefers-reduced-motion.

bikes & coffee – After going through a running injury, I had to find a different way to stay active and generate seratonin to keep the brain baddies at bay. While I enjoyed the competitive side of running and pushing to get faster for races, with biking I've enjoyed slow commute/bikepacking style rides where I get to haul gear, stop and make/buy coffee, and take pictures. I'm doing the Coffeeneuring Challenge for 2020 which has been a great excuse to get out on my bike.

Instagram – I made a public Instagram to share outdoor stuff that I like doing. So far it's mostly biking but I'm sure it will change with the (life) seasons. – Some musicians I like have been doing daily or weekly streams from home so I built this site to make it easy to jump between songs in different videos. (Over-)engineering the automated data pipeline for multiple artists has been a fun distraction right now. I also used it as an excuse to learn how state machines and TypeScript work together and that was a wild ride. – A photo blog thing I forked from @maxvoltar. It's been a lot of fun to edit photos with VSCO on my phone and commit them with Working Copy and it deploys with Netlify. I like that I can do the whole thing from my phone.