Here's what I'm up to right now (updated 2020-11-22):

bikes & coffee – After going through a running injury, I had to find a different way to stay active and generate seratonin to keep the brain baddies at bay. While I enjoyed the competitive side of running and pushing to get faster for races, with biking I've enjoyed slow commute/bikepacking style rides where I get to haul gear, stop and make/buy coffee, and take pictures. I'm doing the Coffeeneuring Challenge for 2020 which has been a great excuse to get out on my bike.

Instagram – I made a public Instagram to share outdoor stuff that I like doing. So far it's mostly biking but I'm sure it will change with the (life) seasons. – Some musicians I like have been doing daily or weekly streams from home so I built this site to make it easy to jump between songs in different videos. (Over-)engineering the automated data pipeline for multiple artists has been a fun distraction right now. I also used it as an excuse to learn how state machines and TypeScript work together and that was a wild ride. – A photo blog thing I forked from @maxvoltar. It's been a lot of fun to edit photos with VSCO on my phone and commit them with Working Copy and it deploys with Netlify. I like that I can do the whole thing from my phone.

my pdf resume – I like editing my resume in Markdown but it's always helpful to have it as a PDF so I built the PDF generation with Playwright as part of the build process. It runs on GitHub Actions since it can run on macOS there and give me those good Apple fonts. & – I moved both these site to Gatsby and Netlify. It's pretty great to have an all JavaScript build process on them and I love Netlify deploy previews. I did a little experiment between the default Gatsby, no-js Gatsby, and Turbolinks Gatsby and got to test them all side by side.