Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020 #5: Intentional Foods

November 19, 2020

I had a different coffee shop planned for this that I wanted to ride to after an appointment. But I didn’t have the energy after my appointment but luckily for me there was a restaurant serving coffee and donuts next door. I still got to enjoy a pretty good coffee and a great donut.

A black Surly Cross-Check with a klean kanteen in one bottle holder and a donut precariously sitting in the other
This time I did NOT attempt to ride with an unattached donut bag on my bike

The Ride

A very basic ride. I don’t think I even technically left Mesa. I stayed on Extension (Mesa Bike Route #3) for the North/South bits of the ride. I took the most direct route on the way there since I was running late for my appointment.

On the way back I swung by a nice big basin park to drink my coffee and enjoy my donut.

A big basin in a park with the canal and some powerlines behind it
I love a good basin in a park

The park was along the Western Canal which I hopped on for a short bit on the way home before hooking back up with Extension.

The Drink(s)

I brought my insulated Kleen Kanteen and camp mug and it turned out to be a great idea. I went to Intentional Foods which is a dedicated gluten-free (and other food allergy) restaurant. They were serving drip Peixoto coffee, which is a coffee shop in Chandler that I really like. The owner was kind enough to bring out the whole big coffee pump thing and let me fill up my bottle as much as I wanted!

The donut was a baked cinammon roll donut. It was cut in half and spread with cinammon glaze and topped with icing. And as you might’ve guessed, it tasted delicious when dipped in coffee.

A close up of a donut, titanium mug, and insulated kleen kanteen sitting on a picnic table
It is never a mistake to bring a Kleen Kanteen. It provides the ability to make to-go coffee really to-go on a bike.

One Good Thing

This “One Good Thing” requirement I gave myself started out as something I was hoping to plan into each ride. But instead it became more of a “Look Back on the Ride for Something I’m Grateful For”, which is still fits spirit of the theme for me.

So in this case, I’m grateful that I found a way to make a doctor’s appointment into something fun with a park coffee/donut reward.